The Patio Door Repair Company in San Diego specializing in repairing all brands of sliding doors

Repairs for Sliding Glass Doors

Repair old sliding doors in 1 day

over 35 years experience

We have been repairing old sliding doors of all brands since 1984

We will repair your sliding glass door today

if you have been fighting your sliding door for to long then call and we will make your sliding glass door easy to slide

New Glass & Screens for Sliding Glass Doors

We can install new Heavy Duty Screen Doors and New Dual Pane glass for most sliding glass doors.

Specializing in Repair Service

Many companies install new doors and windows. 

We specialize in repairing old sliding glass doors and windows and affordable prices

1955 Fleetwood Sliding Glass Door

Specializing in repairs of sliding patio doors in San Diego including Older Fleetwood 3070 sliding doors can be repaired with new up to date hardware including rollers, locks and handles