Lift & Slide overhaul or Hardware exchange including weather seals $1500 Per Panel

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Repair of European Lift & Slide Doors and La Cantina Folding Doors


Specializing in Repair and Service of Sliding Glass Doors 

 Multi Slide Doors - Lift Slide Doors - Folding Doors

About Us


Specializing in repair service of Sliding Doors and Folding Doors

The Patio Door Repair Company has been repairing and servicing Sliding Glass Doors or Multi Sliding Doors & Folding Doors and  Lift & Slide Doors since 1984. Our experience and expertise enable us to Repair or Service your Sliding or Folding patio doors such as: 

  • Pocket Doors
  • Multi Slide Doors
  • European Lift & Slide Doors

  • Luxury Brands include 
  •  Fleetwood Sliding Doors and Multi Slide Door and Folding doors Repaired and Serviced although like the old Maytag commercials on TV the quality of this product makes it very rare that they need service. Most Fleetwood Doors we service are due to movement in the structure usually the header, and Installation Errors. 
  • Lift Slide Weiland Sliding Doors and Folding Doors Repaired and Serviced they to are of exceptional quality and service is usually due to nstallation error or movement in the structure. 
  • La Cantina Sliders and Folding Doors Repaired often and this brand requires regular service 
  • Western Sliding Doors and Folding Doors Repaired often and require regular service especially near coastal areas. Corrosion is your enemy with this brand. Rollers Locks and Handles need regular cleaning or replacement to keep these doors performing as intended
  • Milgard Sliding Doors Repaired 
  • Jeldwen Sliding Doors and Folding Doors Repaired
  • Panoramic Sliding Doors and Folding Doors Repaired
  • Southland Sliding Doors And Lift Slide Doors & Folding Doors Repaired
  • Panda Windows Lift & Slide Sliding Doors and Folding Doors Repaired.
  • Sliding Specialties Lift & Slide Doors and Folding Doors Repaired
  • Kolby & Kolby Sliding Doors Repaired
  • Anderson Sliding Doors Repaired


Proper hardware is key to a smooth & easy operation

We have & install the necessary parts to perform customization or repairs to your doors. The Patio Door Repair Service has a large selection of custom hardware components:

  • Rollers
  • Locks
  • Handles
  • Guides
  • Runners 
  • Tracks 


We establish long term solutions

Our hardware components are made from upgraded materials and designs to provide for the smoothest operation of your sliding doors. 

  • Tracks upgraded to tempered aluminum and stainless steel 
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Pocket doors
  • New heavy duty screen doors 
  • Up Grade to Stainless Steel Lift & Slide Hardware for Marine Environments.
  • Annual service plans to clean and adjust windows and doors (does not include glass cleaning ) replacing hardware as needed ie:changing rusty screws, rollers, locks, handles and guides.
  • Water leakage repairs for Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors.
  • European Lift & Slide maintenance and restoration service.
  • La Cantina Folding Doors Repaired and Sliding Doors  Serviced
  • Fleetwood Installation experts with over 35 Years installing. 
  • Weiland Sliding Doors restoration and service.

Nightmare Jobs do to inexperience and how to avoid it

Flush Tracking must be perfect


if your using flush tracking for your multi sliding patio doors, there is no room for error.

for most flush tracking  5mm to 6 mm is the specified track height (check your specific manufacturer specifications) 

The door tracks are the most important detail in the room


This home is @ 1 Buccaneer way in Coronado Ca

the Architect designed it to open up completely with beautiful Lift Slide multi slide doors

after the project was finished It cost another $60,000 to break out the floor stone tiles and redo it to required specifications.

Flush track drains are more important than finishing the exterior stone flooring


Look closely at this flush tracking for a Southwest Windows Custom  Aluminum Clad Multi slide Pocket Door. 

the exterior patio stone is sloped the wrong direction and the tracking is all installed out of level and not at the right height.

none of the built in drains were installed.

The top tracking is not level or at the correct height.

Cost to repair $11,000 

Pay attention to the shop drawings there is never such a thing as verbal communication for details.


you must know how its supposed to turn out before you start the installation.

never believe you can do this with an amateur installation  team for this type of system.

the special tools and materials used are unlike any in the common residential or commercial window and door industry

Purchasing the nicest Luxury Residential sliding doors is not enough, get the right installers


You can purchase the most beautiful custom Sliding Doors available and the wrong installers will ruin your dream home vision.

A good indication is if they spend a lot of time reading the instructions. They might not know what to do.

Installation skills don't come from installation instructions. 

Ask your sliding door manufacturer for a referal If you don't know a qualified installation team


Our Team

the Sliding Door Guru team specializes in repair service and maintenance of custom Lift Slide Doors, Multi Slide Doors and Folding Doors.

Most repairs are due to improper installation and handling during construction.

90 % of all repairs we do are from lack of normal cleaning and maintenance or improper installation.

Manufacturer Defects in this level of Custom Sliding Door Products happen but are not common. 

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